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Growing up in the cities, I wasn't exposed much to the Minnesota outdoors. It wasn't until I came to Morris, Minnesota where I met many outdoor enthusiasts! The associate pastor of my local church even came up with an apostolic ministry called, Outfitters for Adventure, that plants churches through relationshop building!


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First Week of October


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Fall Foliage From brightly colored leaves to beautiful landscape shots, upload your best fall foliage photos




8" Winter Storm on Thursday, December 16th 2010
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Post Winter Storm (Dec. 16th 10') Roof Shoveling

"It's very important to watch the level of snow on your roof after frequent large amount of snow. Especially what we have been having here in Minnesota this Fall-Winter (officially starts December 21st) so far. I'm demonstrating roof shoveling in my 1-story house rambler as I'm on top of a ladder after 8" + of snow today (Thursday, December 16th 2010).
Another tip I've heard is leaving some snow on the roof to serve as insulation during the long frigid cold winter months.
Need your roof shovel? If your in-town (Morris, MN). Feel free to contact me at..


UMM Alumn: Homecoming




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